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Whichever way you cut it, there's simply not enough time in the day for you to do everything on your own, and that's where I can help you with content for your growing business needs.

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"Ian is a good writer who delivers on time, is easy to work with and just plain gets the job done. What else could you ask for?"

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Pardon my late response. I just wanted to post and say thank you for the awesome article that you turned out for my keywords. Interesting and engaging content with excellent optmization for the SE's. The cool thing is that the article is already ranking first page for its keywords on a brand new site!

Will DEFINITELY be using your service again "

Mike (Warrior forum member)


Dear Readers,

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Some example sections from my published articles


7 Ways to Write an E-book - 7 Latest Ways Showing How to Improve Your E-book Writing

Don't panic! You don't have to write it yourself if you don't want to. If you are pushed for time, or maybe you don't consider yourself to have quite mastered the art of writing skills, worry not. It's the easiest thing to outsource your work.

First, set out some strict guidelines you require your freelancer to adhere to. Then simply Google for someone like,, or perform a similar generic search for "Internet marketing outsourcing". It's highly unlikely you'll not find an expert to write your work for you.


Day Trading - 5 Reasons You Should Avoid Day Trading Like a Snake Bite

Day trading is not for everyone. Along with the many advantages of it, you should be wary of the pitfalls; the things you would have to give up.

Here are 5 things for you to consider:

1. If you really enjoy working long full time hours then you need to carefully consider whether you want to day trade. When you get more experienced with trading, you will find you can probably sit at home on your computer for a couple of hours a week, earning the same income from home - or on vacation.

2. Maybe you have an affable boss you'd miss. He or she watches your every move; you can do nothing to please him or her. Your problems are not their priority. You just love doing all you can for no thanks whatsoever.


Effective Email Writing - 4 Techniques That Show You How to Write More Effective Emails

Writing emails is an art and it's one you'll need to study and practice. It won't come overnight, and the more help you can get for creating the most compelling, enticing content you can, the better off you'll be.

1. Write to each of your subscribers in person. No, I don't mean you should set about writing an individual email to each and every one of your subscribers - you couldn't anyway - but write each of your emails as though you are.

Always use the personal editing facility of your auto responder and write every email that you load into your responder, in a light friendly manner; you are addressing a friend, so adopt the same attitude as you would with your best friend over a beer or coffee.

Don't overdo the personal touch though; use their name once in the header title, and once in the email body to address them, because that's enough. You want to become friends with them, without risking over-kill.



This is what my clients have to say about me:

"Just received my first article and would have to say it was written very well. It was very well researched and I am pleased. I am making just a couple changes not because it was wrong but because of my preference of words. So thank you Ian and I will be contacting you again."

Cato (Warrior forum member)


"Hi Ian

Thanks a lot for the article.

Really well thought out and explained article, bringing the facts lucidly and somewhat teasing the visitor to click the resource box for further investigation.

Would be coming back for more.


Anil Pandey (Warrior forum member)



Thank you for the article you recently wrote for me.

I think you took a unique approach on the broad topic I gave you, "Business Directory," and I anticipate lots of additional traffic from the keywords you chose to focus on.

Thank you again for a job well done and best of success with your ghost writing service".

Brian Cook (Warrior forum member)


"I purposely gave Ian a difficult topic to write about that many of my outsourcers were having problems writing a good article on. The topic was beginners ballet lessons.

Not only was the article very well written, something tells me that Ian secretly has some dance experience of some sort under his belt...but I don't think you will ever get him to admit that.

Overall - great writing, fast turn around, and well worth it."

-Daniel Brock


"Dear Ian,

Yes indeed. I got the article and I am happy with it. I appreciate the research you did to gather the info and tailor it into an article.

Pls direct me to your WSO page as I would definitely like to get a couple of articles from you. Thanks".

Rajul (Warrior forum member)


"Ian really over-delivered on what I requested.

It is refreshing to read an article that has some meat, some real information for the readers. Useful information means readers stay on the website longer, seeing what else you have to offer, which gives you a greater chance to catch their eye with info on whatever you are selling.

Thanks again Ian!"

AnneE (Warrior forum member)


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Ian Jackson


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